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Anhui province is located in the west of East China, at 292353-343942 N latitude and 1145245-1193840 E longitude. It covers 139,427.00 square kilometers and has a population of 64,610,000. The landforms in Anhui are very complex and various. Three main river systems of Huai River, Yangtze River and Xinanjiang River flow across the area of the whole province from the north to the south. The whole province crosses three first-level geotectonic elements of North China landmass, orogen of Dabie Mountain and Yangtze landmass. It is an integral part of the Circum-Pacific metallogenic belt, and has good conditions for mineralization. Therefore, there are rich mineral resources in Anhui.

138 kinds of minerals (including sub-minerals) have been discovered in Anhui province. There are 76 kinds of minerals that its reserves has been proved, including 5 kinds of energy minerals, 16 kinds of metallic minerals, 53 kinds of non-metallic minerals and 2 kinds of water and gas minerals. 4582 mining areas (containing a total of associated minerals) have also been discovered. 88 large-
and 179 medium-sized mineral deposits have been proven in our province. Its total potential value of the reserves of mineral resources is above RMB2000 billion, ranking the tenth in the country. The main minerals which available reserves take the first three places in whole country are pyrite, calcite, alunite, attapulgite clay, etc; the minerals which reserves take between the fourth and tenth places are coal, copper, iron ores, gypsum, bentonite and cement limestone, etc. Coal, iron ore, cement limestone, pyrite and copper take the dominant position in all minerals in Anhui. Besides, There are a large number of non-metallic minerals. The characteristics of mineral resources in our province is:
The mineral resources are quite abundant. The distribution of main mineral resources is comparatively concentrated and is mainly in Huainan, Huaibei, along Yangtze River and in the areas of Lujiang, Zongyang, Huoqiu.
Nonferrous metal mineral resources of copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum are insufficient.
Iron resource is rich, but that of rich ore is very little. The reserves of depleted iron ore resources account for 95 percent.
The variety and reserves of non-metallic mineral resources are very abundant. Nearly 80% places of mineral resources have been exploited.
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