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Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui province was founded in June 1958. It is an institution that directly subordinates to the government of Anhui province. Its main duty is to assistant the departments of provincial government to draw up plans about mineral recourses exploration and geological science and technology development, undertake the basic and public geology work, the missions of strategic mineral exploration and oil and gas energy exploration that assigned by our state and government. Its work scope involves regional geology survey, the survey for agricultural geology, urban geology, tour geology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, mineral geology and energy, geophysical and geochemical exploration and remote sensing geological survey, survey and evaluation of geological disasters, geological science research, development and application research of geology and mineral resources, geological and technical advice, testing and analysis of rock, mineral, water, soil and jewelry, topographical and cadastral mapping, engineering surveying, engineering geological survey and Construction, etc. Our bureau is also in charge of the management of the subordinate units of the geology exploration. Besides the domestic advanced MT magnetic telluro sounding instrument, full spectrum spectrometer, our bureau now possesses more than 800 sets of drilling equipment, nearly 1300 sets of specialized equipment and apparatus for experiment, geophysical exploration and mapping, etc. The whole bureau possesses certificates and licenses of 47 Level A and 50 Level B of Geological Exploration Qualification.

Our Bureau has 21 units of geology exploration and Anhui Vocational Technical College of Industry & Economy, residing all over Anhui province. The whole bureau has 10,000 people at work, among them more than 2400 technicians have senior and middle professional titles, 46 experts enjoy government special subsidy. Besides, it possesses 5 civilization units at the level of the ministry and province, 4 geological teams with National Contributions titles, 1 advanced unit of national geological exploration industry, 2 national model workers and 116 model workers and advanced workers at the level of the province and ministry. In our Bureau there are 12 interior departments.
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