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Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui province that was founded in June 1958 is an institution supervised and administered directly by Anhui provincial government. The main lines of our Bureau consist of designing layout of exploration of mineral resources and geological science and technology development for Anhui provincial government. And our Bureau substantially assumes the mission of geological survey for the fundamentality and the public good, exploration for oil and gas energy as well as strategic mineral resources exploration at the level of state or province. The business of our Bureau covers regional geological survey, agro-geology, urban geology, tourism geology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, ore deposit geology, energy prospecting, as well as geophysical, geochemical reconnaissance, remote sensing geological investigation, geological hazard investigation and evaluation, geo-scientific research, applied geological and mineral resources development researches, geological technique consultation, rock, mineral, gemstone, water and soil test and analysis, landform and land register mapping, engineering measurements, engineering geological reconnaissance and construction, etc. Our Bureau is in charge of subordinate units. Our Bureau holds the domestically advanced MT continental electromagnetic sounding devices, full-range spectroscopes. And we also have more than 800 sets of drilling rigs and more than 1300 sets of test equipments, geophysical facilities and mapping instruments. Our Bureau is certified and licensed with the qualifications and competences of 47 Grade A and 50 Grade B certificate for geological exploration.

Our Bureau has one academic institute, Anhui Institute of Industrial Economic and Vocational Technology, 21 geological exploration units residing all places of the province. Our Bureau has a team of 10000 people at work, of which more than 2400 technicians have middle-class and senior professional titles, 46 experts enjoy governmental special subsidy. It possesses 5 civilization units at the level of ministry and province, 4 geological teams having National Contributions titles, 1 unit of advanced national geological survey industry, 2 national model workers and 116 model workers and advanced workers at the level of province and ministry. And our Bureau sets up 12 interior departments.
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