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   Historical Contributions and Award-winning Results
Our Bureau has been prospecting mineral reserves between Yangzi River and Huai River for many years. It has totally discovered 138 kinds of minerals. In addition to 750 mining areas and more than 2000 places of mineral resources, the reserves of 82 kinds of minerals have been proven. The available reserves of pyrite, cement limestone, alunite and attupulgite clay take the second place in our country, the reserves of copper and iron ores take the fifth place, and the reserve of coal takes the seventh place. Our Bureau has implemented 318 projects of mineral exploration, presented 82 important geological reports. Besides, it was the first time that our bureau discovered diamond in metamorphic eclogites in the area of Dabie Mountain. This is also the first instance in the world.
Our Bureau has obtained more than 380 important scientific and technological achievements, including 1 award of the Top Prize, 2 the Second Prize and 3 the Third Prize of national science and technology progress, 8 conference awards on national science and technology, 1 the Third Prize for national natural science, 138 awards for science and technology progress at the level of ministry and province, 3 the First Prize and 10 the Second Prize for mineral exploration, 1 the First Prize and 2 the Second Prize for exploration achievements from Ministry of Land and Resources (the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral).
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