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   Welcome Speech
Welcome to our official website of Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui Province---- I wish that our website can offer you some useful information.
Our bureau is a provincial professional institution that is engaged in surveying, research, exploration, development, testing and evaluation of geology and mineral and the other related fields. Our Bureau has 2400 technicians with senior and middle professional titles, including 46 experts that enjoy government special subsidy. It possesses many international advanced technical methods, such as directional drilling technology, construction technology for tailings dam drainage and radial wells, etc. Besides, our bureau owns more than 800 sets of advanced drilling equipment, nearly 1300 sets of specialized equipment and apparatus for experiment, geophysical exploration and mapping, etc.
Our bureau has discovered 138 kinds of minerals and has proven the reserves of 82 kinds of minerals and 750 mining areas and 2000 places of mineral resources in Anhui during the past 50 years. It has obtained 386 important scientific and technological achievements at the level of state, ministry and province, including more than 100 awards of the top, first and second prize. 18 main monographs of science and technology works have been published. The significant discovery of copper, silver and gold resources along the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and the polymetallic metallogenic pre-exploration research on copper and gold along Yangtze River in Anhui is at the leading level in our country. It was the first instance in the world to discover diamond particles in metamorphic eclogites in the area of Dabie Mountain.
Our bureau has respectively made cooperative research with relevant organizations from 17 countries, such as USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia and Japan, etc. We have established the mining companies in Canada, Australia and Laos, and now are exploring gold mine in Algeria. We have also implemented foundation projects of the national stadium in Mozambique, Madagascar, Costa Rica, and taken the tasks of geology exploration and mapping in Indonesia, Northern Korea, Mongolia, Congo etc. We are going to continue further opening up and carry out the "going global" strategy. Adhering to the principle of "making cooperation on the basis of mutual trust and making development on the basis of mutual benefit", we sincerely welcome friends from all of the countries to our bureau to visit and communicate and negotiate cooperation to make mutual benefit and common development.
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