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Overview of Anhui Geology and Mining Investment Group Corp., Ltd
Anhui Geology and Mining Investment Group Corp., Ltd. ("AGMI") is a large-scale enterprise founded by Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui Province and its affiliated units. AGMI has diversified businesses covering mineral investment, mineral resources exploration and exploitation, mineral products trade, consultancy services on geo-techniques, exploitation of ore specimens and ornamental stones, building materials and mining equipments trade, etc.

AGMI owns qualifications for geological exploration, geological disaster assessment and tackling authorized from Ministry of Land and Resources, and those for housing construction contracting(first-grade), municipal engineering contracting, foundation construction(first-grade), engineering investigation(class-A) granted by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The company has also adopted the authentication of national quality, environment, occupational health and security systems. Concerning equipments, there are advanced magnetotelluric sounding devices, full-spectrum spectrographs, 800 sets of drilling equipments and over 1,300 sets of professional equipments and instruments for testing, prospecting and mapping. At present, our company has 2,300 technicians with intermediate and senior professional titles, of which 46 experts enjoy special governmental allowance.

The corporation has many proprietary technologies, such as special types of drilling, tailing dam management, deviation rectification of dam, directional drilling and directional blasting. The experimental drilling for prospecting of ore bodies at depth conducted in 28 June, 2010 has set a national record of drilling depth of 2706.68m when using the domestic machines for small-bore coring. And technologies of radial well construction for tailing dam drainage and deviation rectification of dam have reached advanced international standards.

Taking advantage of the superior resources regarding talents, equipments, mineral properties etc. of Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui Province, AGMI majors in mineral exploration and mining, operates mineral property rights via capital operation, and through making full use of "both the domestic and international markets and resources", implements the "going global" strategy.

Currently, AGMI has over 400 mineral licenses in Anhui Province. Among them, Prospecting of Nihe Project has been reputed as "Nihe Model"; Shapinggou Project has achieved breakthrough in prospecting within Dabie Mountain area; Fulaozhuang Project has brought up AGMI's first mining enterprise. Moreover, some prospective mineral deposits are under prospecting.

AGMI has 5 exclusively-owned companies abroad and owns 19 prospecting licenses covering 1461.73km2 in area in total. The preliminary stage of AGMI's overseas goal-"having working teams and prospecting licenses abroad" has been achieved.

Now, AGMI's geological services have extended to several domains as hydro-environmental geology, agro-geology, urban geology, disaster geology, tourism geology, medical geology, engineering geology, etc.

Upholding the spirit of "integrity, diligence, pragmatism, innovation", AGMI will make greater achievements on the basis of the brilliant accomplishments our bureau has achieved in the past 50 years.
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