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Australia Mining and Gemstone Pty., Ltd elected to be ...
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   AnHui Geological Activities
Anhui province is located in the west of East China, at 29°23′53″-34°39′42″ N latitude and 114°52′45″-119°38′40″ E longitude. It covers 139,427.00 square kilometers and has a population of 64,610,000. The landforms in Anhui are very complex and various. Three main river systems of Huai River, Yangtze River and Xinanjiang River flow across the area of the whole province from the north to ... [more]
   Laws & Regulations
Regulation For Reigstering To Explore For Mineral Resources Us...
Rules For Implementation Of The Mineral Resources Law Of The P...
Regulations on Administration of Geological Data
Surveying and Mapping Law of the People''s Republic of China
Measures for the Administration of Transfer of Mineral Explora...
Law Of The People''s Republic Of China On Safety In Mines
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