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Australia Mining and Gemstone Pty., Ltd elected to be chairing member of China...   2012-07-13
Huang Zhiyuan attended PDAC convention and visited AGMI International’s presen...   2012-07-13
Xu Xiaolei met with Darren Fooks from Australian Law Firm Clayton Utz   2012-07-13
Xu Xiaolei received deputy minister for Mineral Resources and Energy of Mongol...   2012-07-13
Xu Xiaolei in talks with senior HSBC director   2012-07-13
Both parties have signed Cooperative Agreement between Paili United S.A.C Ltd ...   2009-08-11
The Businesses of Australian Company Wined New Breakthrough   2009-04-15
Director general Wu Yulong met Canadian Consul of the Consulate General statio...   2009-01-08
General Director Wu Yulong Met with Consul of the Consulate General of Canada ...   2009-01-03
Everything Ready for Exploring Gold Mine in Algeria   2009-01-03
Anhui Surveying Technology Institute of Geophysics and Geochemistry signed an ...   2009-01-03
Our Bureau Has Taken a Substantive Step Forward for "Going Global" Strategy   2008-12-31
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