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Both parties have signed Cooperative Agreement between Paili United S.A.C Ltd and Our Bureau
Date:2009-08-11      Clicks:10302
Signing the CA
Celebration for signing CA

The pace of “Going Global” weren’t held up by the financial crisis all over the world. We signed CA with Paili United S.A.C Ltd on August 7th. It means that we obtained New Breakthrough about the “Going Global” strategy again. We triumphantly exploit South America market for the first time after entering Canada, Australia, Indonesia and Laos’ mining markets. Director of our bureau Wu Yulong and the general manager of Paili United S.A.C Ltd Peng Guiwen signed the CA together and vice-director Xu Xiaolei and other leaders presented the ceremony.

According to the CA, both parties jointly established Fuda mining Ltd in Lima, Peru, which deals with mining reconnaissance, exploitation, trade, management of claims, offering consultation and services for geological technique and engineering reconnaissance etc. The partner will transfer the six iron and copper claims and the other claim of 3 km2 area to joint venture Fuda after the instauration of Fuda. We make our techno- advantage to survey the six claims.

Before now, we two parties have signed Letter of Intent on Cooperation on March 28th, 2009, and exchanged visits. The two parties expect to enhance cooperate and acquire harvest early.

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