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Xu Xiaolei in talks with senior HSBC director
Date:2012-07-13      Clicks:7177


Xu Xiaolei in talks with senior HSBC director


On June 17, 2010, Xu Xiaolei held talks with visiting senior HSBC director (for the Latin America enterprises)and his associates. Both sides expressed willingness to carry out financial cooperation in south America. Deputy general manager Hou Qibiao, chief economis Wang Fengbao and chief accountant Wang Zhengping took part in the talks.

The HSBC senior director introduced HSBC’s business in South America. HSBC is a bank with long history and has 13 branches in 14 countries in south America, where China’s investment increases year after year. Especially, East China Mineral Exploration and Develo pment Bureau received financial support from HSBC in its investment in an iron ore project in Brazil. HSBC seeks opportunities from our potential investment in mining sector in the area. Xu introduced our overseas development, in particular, the investment in Peru and Chile. Both sides broadly exchanged ideas on cooperation, financing and listing for South American projects.

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