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Xu Xiaolei received deputy minister for Mineral Resources and Energy of Mongolia
Date:2012-07-13      Clicks:7131

Xu Xiaolei received deputy minister for Mineral Resources

 and Energy of Mongolia

In the morning of October 12, 2010, Xu Xiaolei received B. Ariunsan, the visiting deputy minister for Mineral Mineral Resources and Energy of Mongolia, who was accompanied by Jiang Chengsong, President of China Palaeotological Fossils Protection Fund and former deputy minister of Land and Resources of China, and Xiang Huaishun, deputy director of Land and Resources of Anhui Province.

Xu introduced the corporation’s major achievements in mineral exploration including overseas development and hoped to strengthen exchange and cooperation with Mongolia and have a sixth mineral exploration establishment in it.

B. Ariunsan gave a brief description of Mongolian situation and was quoted saying Anhui is welcome to carry out mineral exploration and development in Mongolia. Deputy general managers Hou Qibiao and Huang Zhiyuan, chief economist Wang Fengbao, chief geologist Chu Guozheng attended the talks.

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