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Overview of Anhui Geology and Mining Investment International Ltd
Anhui Geology and Mining Investment International Ltd (AGMII) is a subsidiary wholly owned by Anhui Geology and Mining Investment Group Corp., Ltd (AGMI). It was registered in August of 2010 in order to implement transnational development strategy, quicken the pace of globalization, reasonably utilize the markets and resources both at home and abroad, and give a full play to the advantages of AGMI in personnel, equipment and technology. AGMII focuses on mineral exploration and development in an environment-friendly manner and also makes capital operation in upgrading the value of a mineral property. It has a qualified team of expertise responsible for collecting and assessing relevant information for policy making in investment.

As a transnational development platform of AGMI, AGMII plays the leading role in coordination and overall planning in the process of expansion. It has established a number of subsidiaries abroad in which it is the only shareholder or majority shareholder, such as Australian Mining and Gemstone Pty Ltd in Queensland, Australia, Fuhua Mining Ltd in Canada, Fuda Mining Ltd in Peru, Fucheng Mining Ltd (with a geoanalysis lab attached to it) in Tanzania, Fuxin Mining Ltd in Northern Territory, Australia, and Huangshan Mining Ltd in Laos.

AGMII holds a total of 69 mineral properties involving in Fe, Au, U, W, Sn, Ta, Ni, Cu, Pb and Zn, covering an area of approximately 5000 km2 in Canada, Australia, Peru, Laos and Tanzania. Exploration programs performed by it in some of the properties have shown high values for further work.

AGMII is a mineral explorer and investor, and also welcomes intended investors jointly developing highly potential mineral properties toward mining.
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