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Overview of AGMI Mining Development Ltd
AGMI Mining Development Ltd., wholly owned by Anhui Geology and Mining Investment Group Corp., Ltd., is mainly engaged in mining investment and development, secondarily in mineral product trade and mineral exploration technique consultation service providing.

The Huoqiu Fulaozhuang Iron Mine with annual design capacity of 2 million tons, owned by the company-held Fukai Mining Ltd., has been put into pilot production. The Liushi Iron Mine, owned by the company-held Fusheng Mining Ltd., is with its design being assessed, which gives annual capacity of 3 million tons and production of 865000 tons of iron concentrate powder. The joint venture Anhui Wuxin Mining Ltd., co-funded by China Minmetals Corporation, is developing the Lujiang Nihe Iron Mine with design capacity of 4 million tons a year and the mine construction is under way. Anhui Huaining Zaihe Mining Ltd., equity-participated by the company, is responsible for developing a copper-iron paragenesis deposit at the border between the Tongling Copper Mine and Huaining County, which contains iron of known resource over 40 million tons with avergae grade of 40%-50%, copper with average grade of 0.5% and metal resource of over 100 000 tons, and other metals as gold, silver, molybdenum and cobalt. The mine's designed capacity is 2 million iron ores and iron concentrate powder of 1.1 million tons a year.
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