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Overview of AGMI Real Estate Ltd
AGMI Real Estate Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui Geology and Mining Investment Group Corp., Ltd., is an enterprise group covering businesses of real estate comprehensive development, commercial real estate investment, new energy development and real estate marketing. The company has a professional and highly effective management and a forging-ahead young elite team, and won the title of CIHAF 2011 Meritorious Ral Estate Enterprise (Anhui). It owns high-quality properties of land, housing and hotels, having 2 million m2 engineering under construction and sold area of 700 000m2.

The company advocates new concept of living. After successfully developing five residential community projects as Dikuang Jiayuan in Hefei, Hexie Jiayuan in Tongling, Zheshan Chunqiu in Wuhu, it is making major efforts to build the commercial real estate brand "Xinglong Guoji". It has commercial real estate area totaling over 500 000m2 in Hefei, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Lai'an, etc. The company has established long-term strategic partnership relations with the world top enterprises as Marriott, Parkson, China Resources, RT-Mart and Stellar Cineplex. The Xinglong Guoji brand product won the CIHAF2011 (Anhui) famous property, commercial real estate and urban complex prizes. Its tourist property, the Wanfo Lake project is at the planning and design stage, covers a total area of 6000 mu and will be built into a lakeside paradise that features culture, tourism, ecology and leisure.

The company encourages low-carbon and environment-friendly living style and takes the lead in this aspect in the real estate sector in Anhui. Its Nanping Jiayuan and Dikuang Jiayuan housing projects that provide ground-source heat pump central conditioning system have been set as an example in use of regenerable energy. For this it wins special financial subsidy of 11.63 million yuan from Hefei City and unanimous good opinion from MOHURD and the society. It is a pilot unit in low-carbon and environment-friendly housing construction and an excellent environmental protection enterprise in the province.

The company follows the train of thought "attach importance to people's livelihood, adjust the product structure, build a trustworthy brand, increse the dimension and benefit", aims to become a domestically well-known and the provincial first-rate comprehensive large real estate development enterprise group.
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